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A casual spectator’s not-so-simple guide to the rules of golf

Ed note: Originally published on Facebook 8/21/09

I spent a not inconsiderable amount of time drafting this guide to the rules of golf for my dear aunt, so I thought I would share. Please correct if I have missed anything.

There are basically six things that can happen to the ball when a golf shot is struck; two are good and four are bad:

1. it goes in the hole – one can remove it and proceed to next hole
2. it comes to rest somewhere within the property lines of the golf course where it can be found and hit again – one can hit it again but without moving it or anything else

3. it leaves the confines of the golf course – “out of bounds”
4. it goes into the water – “in a hazard”
5. it goes somewhere other than in the water where one can see it but can’t hit it (think in a tree, stuck in a bush or under a rock) – “unplayable lie”
6. it cannot be found – “lost ball”

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